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Hi, I’m Alesha

Welcome to Soultree Foods!

I feel like this blog has been a long time coming. I have always loved cooking and taking on new culinary creations. I believe that food is love! It is the way we nourish our bodies, share with family and friends and it’s my way to bring joy to my life. Here is where I’ll share some of my favorite recipes and some of my most awesome failures. I am blessed to have my family support me in everything I do and look forward to beginning this culinary journey with you all!




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Seeds of Life Bars <3

Morning, peeps!! These are my SEEDS OF LIFE BARS 🙌🏽 If a Carrot Cake and a Granola Bar had a baby...this would be it! Chewy and...

Ceviche Is Sunshine!!

hope the sun is shining wherever you are. And if it’s not sunny outside, put some sunshine on your plate with GROUPER & SHRIMP CEVICHE 🌞...

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Simon Says “Raise your hand if you like DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES”🤎🤎🤎🤎 It’s amazing how easy these are to make considering just how...

Sunday Gravy!

Sometimes you just need comfort. The ultimate Netflix & Chill meal... PASTA & SUNDAY GRAVY❤️ I’ll be giving up pasta this Lent so might...

Sheet Pan Salmon Dinner!

SHEET PAN SALMON! Dinner is soooo easy when it’s made in just one pan! Wow! Seriously, I’ve always made dishes that take multiple pans...

Pink Lemonade Pound Cake

I love baking for people I love. My daughter Jaime loves the color pink more than anything in the world. I don't know if girls naturally...

Ice Cream Pie

I ❤️ ICE CREAM CAKE and must have one every year for my birthday. This year we decided to make an Ice Cream Pie instead...same concept,...


And I call it midnight because if it’s in your refrigerator you’ll be sneaking down in the middle of the night for a fork full. Creamy...


If you’ve never enjoyed this delicious French sandwich, it’s a must try. All of France is currently on curfew and I’m not flying to Paris...

Rise & Shine Sugar Scones

Rise & Shine! SUGAR SCONES can make any morning stellar. These are just sweet enough to enjoy with jam & tea, but not too sweet where you...

Cream of Potato + Ham Soup

If it’s not the least bit cold where you are— turn on the AC down to about 45 degrees and make this soup! 😂 I grew up with the sun and...

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