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Ice Cream Pie

I ❤️ ICE CREAM CAKE and must have one every year for my birthday. This year we decided to make an Ice Cream Pie instead...same concept, but smaller in size (kinda! 🤣) and no actual “cake” layer.

This pie has an Oreo Thin Mint cookie crust @oreo and then a layer of chocolate ice cream, then more crushed Oreo cookies with a thin layer of fudge to keep it in place and then a layer of mint chocolate chip ice cream and finally a homemade whipped cream icing with sprinkles.

This year has already been so wildly tumultuous in many ways, but what a blessing it is to reach 46! They say time heals and with time comes wisdom and inner knowing. I can say it feels like I've grown in many ways within the past year... Covid-19, social injustice, political divisions, family events, raising kids in a pandemic, work, marriage, self-care and self-awareness have all forged a new "self", so to speak. So good to go with the flow, but also fight against the current. I'm thankful for PIE & ICE CREAM today!


2 packages Oreo Thin Mint Cookies

4 T butter, melted

2 half gallons of your favorite ice

1 small jar fudge, not hot

1-2 cups heavy whipping cream

1t vanilla extract

1/4 c powdered sugar, sifted

This pie is so easy to assemble, you'll be amazed. And if you don't want to make the crust, you can just buy a cookie crust and do the rest of this. Of course, you're also welcomed to make the ice cream and the fudge, but that's your business. lol

For this pie, place 1 package of the Oreos into a food processor until fine crumbs. You can also put the cookies in a large plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Place crumbs into a bowl and pour in the melted butter. Place the second package of Oreos in the processor and pulse until medium-sized crumbs. Place in separate bowl and set aside. Mix until crumbs are coated and place in 9" pie pan. Fill bottom and sides of pie plate. Bake in 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes. When done, place in freezer for at least 30 minutes. Remove after 30 minutes and place in fridge.

With the bottom layer I used chocolate ice cream, but use what you wish. Turn the carton of ice cream on it's side and cut (through the carton) into thirds. Two thirds can then be placed evenly in the bottom of the pie. Allow about 10 minutes for the ice cream to get fairly soft enough to push down into the pie pan. Wrap last third of the ice cream and place into container in freezer for another day! Wrap pie now with plastic wrap and place in freezer for up to an hour. Remove from freezer, smooth out fudge over pie. Top the fudge with the medium-sized cookie crumbs. Wrap and place back in freezer for an additional hour. Remove pie and second half-gallon of ice cream. I used mint chip here... a family favorite! Do the same cut with this ice cream and when soft enough shape into a dome over the entire pie. Wrap and return to freezer. Place heavy cream in stand mixer with whisk attachment (or using a large bowl and hand mixer), whip cream until soft peaks form. Add powdered sugar and vanilla and mix more until just about stiff peaks. Smooth whipped cream over pie. Decorate with additional cookies or sprinkles. Wrap and freeze another 30 minutes. When ready to serve, slice pie with a warm knife (a knife placed in a glass of hot water does the trick!).

Enjoy, friends.



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